Sunday, July 15, 2007

What is Great BBQ

Summer is in full tilt right now. That means loads of backyard BBQs all across the country. No matter what you call BBQ or what makes it the best, you have to admit there is nothing else like it.

You have your dry and wet ribs in Memphis. The pulled pork in the Carolinas and beef brisket in Texas. I know those are far from the only regions in the country that barbecue. They are the main ones people think of when you mention great BBQ.

The reason behind this post is not to tell you what you probably already know about BBQ. I want to know your favorite BBQ dishes or ways to BBQ. Be it a charcoal grill or smoking. Also do you prefer the briquettes, lump charcoal, gas or wood(and what types of wood)!

Just let me know in a comment!

Also I will be posting some of my favorite recipes for sauces, rubs and meals. Maybe even a few reciepes for some summer cocktails even though I perfer an iced sweet tea or a cold beer!

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Anonymous said...

Smoking with apple wood is the way to go.

Bryan Taylor said...

Apple is a great wood to smoke with. Have you ever tried peach or grape vines? Almost any fruit tree wood works great. Some are great for a particular type of meat though.

Such as apple for beef, pork and chicken while grapevine is more for all poltury.

On a side not seaweed can even be used for fish and shellfish. Just wash and then dry before adding to the fire. It provides a somewhat spicy and natural flavor to the food.