Friday, July 13, 2007

I am by no means a Gourmet Chef!

I just wanted to let you know that I am not a trained chef by no means. However I am a guy that loves food and cooking.

I have learned how to cook from either the multitude of cooking shows and trial and error. I also have inherited my mom's vast collection of cooking books which at last count was about 368 books and magazines. On a side note for some reason one of my favorite shows growing up was Julia Childs. I watched that and Duke's of Hazzard.

I am always asked by friends and family to cook a meal for them. They either want me to BBQ, Japanese, or any number of their favorite dishes. I spent four and a half years in Japan with the Navy so I had come to love many Japanese dishes. One of which will be the first recipe I share with you.

So what else can you expect from this blog? Well you will obviously see dome of my favorite recipes and some I am looking forward to try along with my family. You also get tips on kitchen safety and sanitation which is a major problem in many kitchens today.

I will also offer some information on the best cookware and how tell a decent pan from a cheap one that will be ruined after a few meals. I will alos be showing you vast array of kitchen and related videos that will either help your cooking or the prepping of your meals. Some will include how to use your knives like the pros.

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