Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's a Bla.st of Free Advertising for your Blog!

I just found a new marketing idea for your websites and blogs. It is completly visual. It is just like the board out front of many grocery stores where people tack up business cards. That is exactly what you are showing on numerous other sites that are a part of this network.

Now I have only just signed up for this. So I do not have any stats to show to prove its value you to you; yet!

Bla.st is the name of this fairly new network. However it does have some features for anyone but especially someone on a budget. The main feature is that your ad card can be put up for FREE.

Now as with any free type of markeying like this you are put on the bottom of all of the other free ads. However you can increase your ad placement. You can pay a per day amount to increase your placement. all cards are put into the directory. The front page shows 80 ads with links to other pages. Now your per day payment of your choice will decide which page you are placed on. The largest and first ad is paying only $1.06 per day. That means if you pay $1.07 per day your ad will be in the number one spot.

Now you can earn advertising money for helping to give Bla.st exposure. If you write a blog post and submit it to bla.st, upon approval, they will add 2 cents per day to your card. If you add a link to your site they will add 1 cent per day. Sorry, only one upgrade is allowed per card. Bla.st also has a referral program. You participate by placing the widget, like you see on the right side of my page, on your site.

The widget will display ad cards from the category you select and you receive 50% of the revenue generated from your site. This referal program works like the information below taken directly from the Bla.st website.

bla.st uses a simple cookie based referral programme that is built into the bla.st widget. Here's how it works:
  1. Place the bla.st widget on your site
  2. A user clicks one of the bla.st links or cards in the widget
  3. A cookie is placed on the users browser for 30 days
  4. If that user pays for a card while the cookie is present on their browser, you earn 50% of the sale
  5. At the end of the month we pay all referrers via PayPal

Some examples:

a user clicks the "add a card here" at the bottom of your widget. They then place a card on bla.st and pay 1c/day for 365 days. You earn 50% of $3.65 = $1.82

If a week later the same user upgrades their card to $1.00/day for the remaining 358 days, you earn 50% of $358 = $179

I am excited to see how this works. I will let you know in the future when I find out for myself. In the mean time I hope you try it for yourself.

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