Friday, July 13, 2007

The Best Knife Set You Could Ask For!

As promised I am letting you know what knives I had chosen to use about a year ago. I use Shun Knives. These are a little more expensive than your regular set at Walmart or other retail stores. (ok a lot more expensive)

I chose these mainly because one of my favorite chefs uses these in his kitchen as well as on his show. Good Eats. Alton Brown teaches his audience not only how to cook but the science behind it all.

The knife block pictured is exactly what i have in my kitchen. I have even gotten my mom to buy the smaller and less expensive 7 piece set; which is on sale at Amazon until the 17th of July. She fell in love with them as soon as I showed them to her!

My set includes the following knifes :

Shun Classic Bird's Beak Knife 2.5"
Shun Classic Paring Knife 3.5"
Shun Classic Vegetable Knife 3.5"
Shun Classic Paring Knife 4"
Shun Classic qty 6 Steak Knives 5"
Shun Classic Utility Knife 6"
Shun Classic Boning Knife 6"
Shun Classic Santoku Knife 6.5"
Shun Classic Chef's Knife 6"
Shun Classic Chef's Knife 8"
Shun Classic Chef's Knife 10"
Shun Classic Chinese Vegetable Cleaver 7 3/4"
Shun Classic Slicing Knife 9"
Shun Classic Carving Fork 6.5"
Shun Classic Bread Knife 9"
Shun Classic Off set Bread Knife 8"
Shun Sharpening steel 9"
Shun 22 slot Bamboo Mega Block
I have had these knives for almost a year now. They have stayed sharp this whole time. They are also a lot more durable and comfortable to use than most knives I have had in the past.

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